We are a family owned and operated farm, situated in the Neumgna district in the foothills of the Bunya Mountains and the district of Stony Creek in South East Queensland.

We raise quality pasture-fed lamb and beef, as well as free-range pork and poultry, using regenerative agricultural practices.


We recognise that our production systems must be harmonious and interconnected with the native ecosystems of the surrounding Tarong National Park.

Our stock are continuously moved onto fresh pasture, in a way which supports our natural ecosystems. This removes the need for fertilisers, pesticides and animal growth hormones. It is important that our animals live as close to their ancestral lives as possible and are not pushed to meet artificial finishing weights. This means our animals live a natural, slow-grow life – the way it should be.

Production on a seasonal basis may be frustrating at times for you, as our customers, but we ask you to please be patient and appreciate slow food production.

The natural growth rate results in the outstanding flavour and quality of the meat.

Join the Firebreak Family and bring high quality, ethically and regeneratively raised produce into your home!

  • Pasture Raised

    Our sheep and cattle are rotationally grazed through diverse pastures, grown on rich volcanic soils. Our pigs and poultry free-range, supported by a nutritionally balanced grain-based diet.

  • Ethical Food Production

    Animal welfare and their quality of life, is at the forefront of everything we do. Our farming model is built around the contribution that livestock make to land management.

  • Outstanding Quality

    Our natural farming techniques and high levels of welfare standards results in an outstanding flavour, tenderness and quality of meat.

Connected To Our Community

We recognise and acknowledge the Wakka Wakka and Jinibara people as the traditional owners of the land on which we farm and which they have cared for many thousands of years.

As the current custodians, we are passionate about honouring and respecting this land and ensuring we sustain it for future generations.

We believe in community connectedness and the value of relationships in strengthening our sense of well-being and our quality of life.

We feel privileged to be able to produce nutritious and flavourful food, to contribute to the health and dignity of our community members.


Ace Hodgkinson-Jones

For Ace, it all comes down to passion. Having recently transitioned to take over the farm full time, the farm is home. Setting the future direction of Firebreak Farm incorporates his passion in adopting new regenerative practices to produce high quality, pasture raised produce and his interest in providing our bodies with wholesome and nutritious food. He epitomises the saying ‘You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy’.Ace fills his time between fencing and moving pigs researching regenerative agriculture and learning new ways Firebreak can do better for the environment and its consumers.

Kylea Hodgkinson-Jones

Raised in Brisbane, Kylea has spent the last decade serving as a member of the ADF. Her background in science and meteorology has fostered her passion for supporting the natural environment and combating human influences on our climate. This has driven her desire to educate herself in regenerative agricultural practices with the goal to provide an ethical and sustainable produce option for the local market. Kylea is invested in developing relationships and connections with other producers and businesses to build stronger communities. She is the one you will likely see behind a camera ensuring we share our farming journey with our community!

Frank Hodgkinson

Producing quality produce is a passion that began a generation ago with Frank’s family running a sheep flock on paddocks ajoining the present day Firebreak farm. Frank learnt and loved everything about managing stock and property maintenance – from fencing to servicing equipment, from mustering on ponies and motorbikes to caring for orphan lambs. It was a precious and valuable childhood experience and is the driving passion behind the principles and values of Firebreak Farm.

Jane Hodgkinson

A mother to three amazing boys, Jane truly is the rose among the thorns. Born in the city and raised in a small coastal town in North Queensland, Jane has become a farming convert, loving her life on the land. Jane has a background in accounting and small business and is actively engaged with the local community. She volunteers for the local community radio station and business group and sits on the board of a successful community bank. Jane thrives on change and learning new things and has become a Yoga instructor to bring the practice to the local community in an accessible way. She is passionate about happy and healthy communities and loves to nourish her family and friends with deliciously simple foods.